Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boyfriend's Bad Eating Habits

Dear Charlotte,

I have a new boyfriend and he is great. However, he has some really bad eating habits that I have started to pick up too. We love to eat together, go out, snack late, grab late night ice cream, or coffee drinks. I have realized that we go from one meal to the next, with snacks in between—and a lot of the time it isn’t really healthy food either!

It has been such a fun and happy time and I don’t want it to stop. However, I have gained 15 lbs and stopped walking and biking on the weekends… instead we wake up and pick the restaurant we are going to that evening over a big greasy breakfast, and then settle down in front of the TV with snacks all day.

We laugh and eat… but is my relationship doomed if I stop eating with him day and night? Or is my waistline doomed if I choose to see where this relationship will go?

Stuffed Stephanie, NYC

Dear Stephanie –
Oh… the joys of a new relationship! Going out and having fun, laughing and enjoying time together is part of the joys of getting to know a new prospective partner.

My advice to you would be to start to look for ways to bring other activities into your time together. Enjoy eating… and don’t feel guilty for enjoying it. But, spend more time working in a trip to the park, or a visit to the bookstore. What other things do you like doing? Do you like to travel or go to art galleries? Do you enjoy hiking or exploring the city? Find some other things that allow you to spend time getting to know each other and having fun—besides eating.

Eating is a part of our day. It can be an activity along the way, and an occasional destination, but it can’t be the only thing you get done each day. As you have already figured out… that isn’t healthy.

Enjoy being in a new relationship—it is fun and exciting. Slowly bring in other things the two of you might like to do together, have in common or take time by yourselves to do the things that also make you happy. Your relationship will blossom or bust, but don’t let food be the reason for either.

It sounds like you have a great start of a relationship. Good luck taking it to the next level… a place with more to do and less to eat!

Charlotte Smith
Eating Consultant and Life Coach

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