Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eat Blindfolded, Lose Weight

An article in today's Charlotte Observer cites a recent study conducted in Japan that showed that people who ate quickly were twice as likely to be overweight.

In the study 3,300 adults were observed and researches found that the fast-eaters were twice as likely to be overweight compared with those who savored their food and ate slowly.

Europeans are noticing the same result, and have started a new craze: eating blindfolded!

So what does this all mean?

The 2nd Secret of Slim People, something we discuss in my seminars and coaching sessions says to eat with awareness, eat with pleasure and without judgment and eat slowly.

People who are naturally slim do this without thinking. They savor their food, they don't eat on the run, and they are aware of the food they are eating. And they stop eating before they are "stuffed."

Eating blindfolded is a great way to come back to this natural way of eating. Think about it: if you are blindfolded, you will eat more slowly and deliberately (it is hard to stuff food in your face when you can't see it!). Also, By blocking out your sense of sight, you have to rely on your stomach to tell you when you are approaching full--regardless of how much food is left on the plate. And you can focus on the delicious taste and the inviting smells. You can enjoy eating, and the process of eating.

So what if eating blindfolded is impractical for you? You can apply the same principles:

1) Sit down at a table while eating your meals.
2) Turn off the TV and other distractions.
3) Eat slowly and deliberately.
4) "Taste" each bite, chewing thoroughly.
5) Be aware of your stomach. When it is full, stop, and never "over-stuff."

So many of us go through our lives, and our meals without awareness. So whether you choose to eat blindfolded or just more slowly, eat with awareness. Enjoy your food and live a healthier life.

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