Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feeling Healthy

Dear Charlotte,

I have always considered myself to be a “healthy” person—I ate right, exercised, etc. But in the last two years my weight has ballooned and I am tired all the time. I have no energy to exercise, or even cook. I find that I am binging on junk food or stopping at fast food restaurants all the time.

I am depressed and I know I have fallen into a bad cycle. How do I get out?

Marleen G.

Dear Marleen,

There may be a medical reason for your weight gain and fatigue. Twenty-seven million Americans suffer from a thyroid condition, and left undiagnosed, it can be very serious. My advice to you is to get yourself to doctor first to see if this could be the situation in your case. A thyroid condition can be easily detected with a blood test, and easily treated with medication.

If the thyroid is not to blame for the weight-gain (and even if it is) then we will next look at the causes of your bad eating habits. How do you feel after you get fast food? Physically, are you satisfied by these meals? Emotionally, do you have guilt when you don’t eat “healthy?” If I have the pleasure of working with you, I may ask that you keep a food diary, (not to track calories, I don’t believe in that) but rather to make you aware of how food makes you “feel.”

You are right that you are in a “bad cycle.” It is one that so many of us have fallen in to, however, it is one that can broken. And when this happens, you will be healthier—inside and out!

Give me a call at 800.496.7710.

Charlotte Smith
Eating Consultant and Life Coach

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