Monday, October 6, 2008

Yo Yo Dieting

Dear Charlotte,

I am 29 yrs old and I have been yo yo dieting a lot. It usually happens because I work a lot and go to school and also have 2 small children. I will often eat off schedule and miss my work outs. I weigh 135 (I am 5'5”) but it always seems to stop there. My goal is to not lose too much weight, but to tone and eat healthy. I am just not happy with how I look, but I always find a reason not to eat right and exercise when I should.

Samantha R.

Dear Samantha,

Yo-yo dieting is all-too-common and more proof that diets don’t work. You need to stop trying to focus on a particular diet and listen to your body. Do you eat when you are hungry? How does the food make you feel? Answering these questions will be the first step for you in making a life-long change. If you are yo-yo dieting, you are probably not losing “fat” but water and muscle-mass…which is why you find that you are not as toned as you would like. If you continue to get regular exercise, and eat when your body tells you it is hungry (and stop when you are full), you will have a healthier relationship with food, and a healthier body to show for it.

Start by creating a food journal and write down everything you eat for a week—including how you feel before and after you eat.

I look forward to talking to you more about this and perhaps doing some one-on-one coaching over the phone to get you to your goal.

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Charlotte Smith
Eating Consultant and Life Coach

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