Thursday, September 18, 2008

Depressed about Eating

Dear Charlotte,

I have a food question that I hope you can help me with... Why do I sometimes feel depressed about eating when I should be happy about it? There are times that I feel dread before I eat and even worse after I eat. I want to feel good about food and the way I enjoy it as if it were a gift instead of a vice.


Dear Lawrence,

I so understand what you are saying. We would have to look at what the “dread” is about to find the real answer to this question. Have you dieted many times before and then when you eat you hate yourself for eating and so therefore the dread comes up? Are you afraid to eat, afraid of gaining weight or afraid of being hungry? What is the story you are telling yourself. I would really like to explore this with you further. Eating is a gift and a pleasurable one. When you eat when you are physically hungry food tastes so wonderful. Let’s talk.

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Charlotte Smith
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