Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Traveling, restaurants and eating right

Dear Charlotte,

I travel a lot for work and so I spend a lot of time in airports, restaurants and going from time zone to time zone. What advice would you have for a person like me?


Dear Judy,

I know it seems hard when we travel. However, it doesn’t have to be. I would recommend always having foods you love with you at all times. If you checked in my purse at any time, you would find almonds, fig bars, wasabi peas, peanut butter crackers, etc. If you have foods you like, you will not be tempted to eat something you really don’t necessarily want.

I love eating in restaurants and remember you can eat whatever your body wants when you are physically hungry. It all goes back to checking in with your body. The same applies to the different time zones, check in with your body and get the needed rest. You have to learn what “tired” feels like in your body and what your body needs.

Many times we are eating when we really need rest. Call me to talk further at 800.496.7710 or email charlotte@secretsofslimpeople.com. You may visit my website at www.secretsofslimpeople.com.

Charlotte Smith
Eating Consultant and Life Coach

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Anonymous said...

Dear Charlotte:

I wanted to thank you for posting this blog. Ever since I started reading it, I have really "though" about my hunger and how I feel after I eat. I am finding that I am not always eating when I am hungry, and sometimes when I "just grab food" I eat junk food--just to end up feeling bloated and tired. I think you are really on to something and I look forward to talking to your more and reading this blog. I think it is a great service to people who want to understand why they eat, or how to control their weight. thank you thank you.

Become the Real You